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At the beginning of the year I like to do a big picture reading to see what the main themes will be for the upcoming year.  This reading looks at the overall picture and then the four points of the year marked by the equinoxes and solstices.  You can download it and do it for yourself.

the big picture


Here’s my 2015 big picture reading.


1. Overall – 9 Pentacles – So overall the year will be one of independence, hard work, self reliance and discipline, but, I hope, it will come with self awareness and success.

2. March Equinox – 4 Swords – At the time of the first marker for the year, the March Equinox, the theme will be around order, structure, stillness, reflection, meditation, withdrawal and contemplation.  A calm start to the year.

3. June Solstice – 3 Cups – It looks like the June Solstice will be a contrast with the March Equinox bringing energy, friendship, celebration, sharing and social, happy times.

4. September Equinox – Hanged Man – I can see some balance during the year with the equinoxes being times of introspection and peace.  For the time surrounding the September Equinox it will be more specifically to let things go, be who I am and go with the flow.

5. December Solstice – Star – Again I see balance with the solstices having a more joyful theme.  The Star is a beautiful card and feels like hope, brightness, openness, inspiration and generosity.  I can see the year building bringing wholeness, an inner calm, faith and serenity for the end of the year.


I hope you enjoy the reading and doing it for yourself.


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