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I’ve been seeing a lot of Monarch butterflies in the garden and around the house this summer.  I’ve also been seeing them in other places where you wouldn’t expect to see them, like car parks and on the motorway.

It has made me wonder if it means anything?

I used the beautiful New Zealand deck Songs of the Journey Home and asked for insight into what all the butterflies might mean for me.  I pulled 1 Wind Songs.  This card illustrates the summer we’ve been having in Auckland this year – brilliant sunshine, clear blue skies and sea, and joyful times – the time when butterflies are around.  The book that comes with the deck describes the card as “…the very beginning of a creative process.  Like the resonating gong, inspiration vibrates within you.  The sun on the horizon of the new day heralds the moment of conception of a new idea.”

Butterflies - 1 Wind Songs

It got me thinking, and I did some research online.  I found some great blog posts on the butterfly’s association with transformation and change, angelic messages and a reminder to look at life with lightness.

It is February, the beginning of the year, traditionally a time of new beginnings, resolutions and intention setting, which reinforces the meaning of 1 Wind Songs and also the symbolism of the butterfly around transformation and change.  So perhaps this is reinforcement of this being a 5 year for me, one of adventure and change.

In the Rider Waite deck the Swords’ court cards have butterflies on them;  on the thrones of the King and Queen, and then on the Knight’s horse’s breast collar.  Swords are an active suit and represent the element of air.  They are about intellect, the mind, mental activity, decision making, wisdom, logic and reason.

How do butterflies relate to that?

They are active and winged, so I can see how those aspects of Swords are associated with them and vice versa.  If I take it one step further then, could I infer that when they are around it is a reminder to refer to the characteristics of the Swords to see if it is either needed, or is too much in evidence in my life at that time?



Curiously, while researching and writing this post I got a picture in my mind of an old poetry book I was given as a child.  This sent me off into the depths of the spare room to unearth the box the book was stored in – of course it was right at the back and at the bottom of the pile!

I had nice memories of reading the book as a child, but couldn’t immediately recall a poem about butterflies; but there it was, this wonderful poem Summer Morning by Rose Fyleman in Treasury of Poetry, Collins 1968.  Illustrated by Hilda Boswell.

Summer Morning
Poem by Rose Fyleman

It captures perfectly how I’ve been feeling with seeing the butterflies in this most amazing summer we’ve been having, and oh, how wonderful to think of the fairies sitting and smiling!


Featured Image courtesy of Nicholas Slade/FreeImages.com


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