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Christmas Cheer Everywhere

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Auckland.  After what seems like weeks of unseasonably winter weather, finally the sun was shining giving us a glimpse of summer.

Christmas Cheer Reading

The day started just perfectly with the following 3 card reading.

1. Situation – 10 Cups – Joy in what we have, together as a family with fun and laughter in our lives.  Our cups are definitely full.

2. Advice – The Fool – this is not a card that appears in my readings often, in fact I can’t remember the last time it did.  I took the card literally – an excuse to get out of the office, take a walk and enjoy the day.  The sun was right on the money.

3. Outcome – King Wands – In hindsight this walk at lunchtime has given me the inspiration and creative jolt I needed to write this blog and was a reminder that I can do it.

I took inspiration from the reading and headed out at lunchtime and found Christmas cheer everywhere.

Christmas cheer - red in the sunshine
Christmas colours on the street – red from the vans, green from the tree and there’s the sunshine.
Christmas cheer - tea cups
Tea for two – a gorgeous window display that caught my eye.

I stumbled across a new cafe that has opened just down from my office building – it’s going to be my new favourite place to eat lunch!

Christmas cheer - District 5 Vietnamese street food
District 5 Vietnamese Street Food – my new lunch haunt – funky vibe mingles with Christmas music, great service and excellent fresh, fun, gluten-free food.
Christmas cheer - Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Vibrant Christmas cheer right there in the box – perfect for a sunny Auckland day – rice paper rolls – fresh, herbs, texture, taste.

I was just drawn in, the music called me down the street.

Christmas Cheer - carol singers
Carol singers in the lobby of an office building – you could hear them all the way down the street – just wonderful.

Christmas is all around us – for me it was opening my eyes to look at the world with the fresh eyes of The Fool.

All the best for the festive season!


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