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Confidence & Change

Last weekend I went to a gypsy fair to do tarot readings.  I definitely consider myself a beginner at doing readings for other people, so this is real opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone.

Whilst there I did a reading about where my tarot practice was going and used the Morgan Greer deck.

The advice card was the Ace of Swords. I also got the Tower in the overall situation and the 3 of Swords in the near future.  For me this meant it is time to change it up, get to the heart of it and to cut through the c**p.


Confidence & Change


I spent quite a bit of time gazing about outside and was drawn to two signs across the road.  One on a shop window and also a billboard above a building.  The billboard drew me to a great quote by Aimee Mullins.


“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.  It’s much sexier than any body part”  Aimee Mullins


In terms of figuring out what this all meant I mulled over the cards all week.

I’ve was all over the place and came at it from different angles.  Nothing fit.  Finally on Sunday, with my morning space rapidly disappearing, I took a deep breath and focused.

How do the billboard, shop window front and the reading I did at the gypsy fair all come together?

Finally I asked three questions to get more clarity on the Ace of Swords and what it meant and developed this layout which you can also download for yourself.


Confidence & Change


1. What is my source of power and strength?  Hanged Man – With the Hanged Man the words that always come to mind are “go with the flow”, to do the opposite of what my instinct tells me to, which is just counter intuitive to me, why would I want to do that?!  [oh, that’s the point, don’t struggle!]

2. What is the heart of the change?  Page of Rods – Ok I get this, communicate, be creative, go out outside my comfort zone.

3. What is the opportunity of the change?  5 Pentacles – Wow, how does this fit?  really I struggled – or is that the point?  [there’s that word again]  Fives are about transformation, conflict, trial, change.  Does this link with the Tower in my reading last weekend?  Change is required?  I need to do something different?  Family, friends, the norms of society are not what I need right now.  Or is it that I am starting to turn away from a traditional way of thinking and chose to walk on by?


Confidence & Change


Having confidence to go where I haven’t gone before, get outside my comfort zone, and go with the flow – it’s the season for change.


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