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Feng Shui 101

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lesson in feng shui 101.

During a chat with my feng shui master I mentioned that I was feeling out of sorts.  His first question was “are you ringing the bell and when was the last time you changed the water on the copper coins?”.  I had to confess it had been a long time.  It was mortifying.  I went straight home, changed the water and went through the bell ringing routine throughout the house.  The next morning I did it again.  I could already hear a difference in the tone of the bell.

Most of the feng shui you read about is not real – it’s a load of baloney.

The next day I pulled my usual three cards for the day using the Songs for the Journey Home deck.  One each to give me insight to my morning, afternoon and evening.

feng shui 101

Morning – 9 Wind Songs – Things are not as bad as I think.  There are two sides to the card, the dark blue and then the bright yellow.  The bird is still in the cage, but starting to break free.  This gave me hope that even after only ringing the bell for such a short period of time, that it was starting to have an effect.  Validation if you will, for what I was feeling.

Afternoon – 7 Earth Songs – The buds are just starting to poke through the earth like I’m just beginning to pull apart the cloak and see the buds underneath.  I need to do the work, recommit to the discipline feng shui demands.  It is easy to get complacent with just the static remedies for a house, but the daily routine is absolutely necessary too.

Evening – Wave Resolving – I went out for dinner with my best friend.  It’s not something we do often and it was a real treat.  It was a time of re-connection, as women, safe to feel and be nourished.  A wonderful interlude.

I began to realise that forgetting the basic fundamental feng shui practices had had a major effect on our lives.  It didn’t happen overnight, it was a gradual and cumulative decline in our wellbeing.  The dissonance building slowly over time, so gradual we didn’t even notice it until it got to serious levels.  It was amazing the difference I was already feeling and seeing in my family after just two days.

It has made me re-evaluate the feng shui in my life.  I had started to take it for granted.

One of the fundamental principles of feng shui is ‘mountain behind and water in front’.  The mountain bringing human harmony and the water representing money.  By loosing my way with the daily feng shui practice, it had a negative effect on the harmony of the house and therefore for those people living in it.

I had been playing with my family’s wellbeing.

It is a big lesson to have learned.  I am lucky we didn’t experience anything worse than a feeling of malaise.  Now I can embrace the practice of feng shui and the feeling of energy, motivation and wellbeing that it can bring.

A while prior to all of this I had completed a celtic cross reading to get some insight into why I was feeling so fed up.  I very rarely do this layout as I find the number of cards overwhelming – there’s just so many of them that I can get lost.  I laid the cards out and glanced at them, putting them away without really reading them.  When writing this post I remembered the reading and dug out the scrap of paper I had written it down on.  Now, with hindsight, it’s so clear.feng shui 101

The creative new beginning brought by the Ace of Wands, crossed by the 4 of Cups.  There’s me sitting alone intent on my malaise, with my back to the gift that feng shui can offer.  As the Queen of Cups I’m so deeply intent on my own feelings, getting bogged down with them, that I can’t remember the joy and energy that comes with the 3 of Cups, that we felt when I first put in the remedies and started my feng shui practice.  The experience was meant; it occurred because of decisions I made.  It was the just cumulation of the decision to not ring the bell and change the water for the coins – Justice was served.  Here I am now acting like the Fool, happy and content on a new journey.  Intellectual understanding is not enough, I needed to feel, come out from behind the sword with my family into the realms of the feeling, putting the demons to bed, into the joy and happiness in the beauty of life.  I now see things through a new lens, with clarity and a new energy.

My first tarot tutor taught me that sometimes the card left on the underneath of the deck can have a part to play in the reading.  For this reading the card underneath was the Ace of Pentacles.  This experience was a gift, a learning experience.  Life, if it is anything, is an opportunity to learn, evolve and grow.  This experience was one I engineered.  In hindsight I can see and now feel at a soul level the changes in me.  The process of writing this post, journaling it, has allowed me to pull the threads together.

What a gift.


Featured image courtesy of Kristof Abrath.

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