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Feng Shui Remedies

In my previous post Feng Shui 101 I talked about some of the remedies that I’ve put around the house.  Here’s what I’ve learned are some of the basics.

With all of these remedies be careful you don’t just put them anywhere in the house, the precise location of where to put these remedies is worked out using the flying stars, and you should refer to a feng shui master for that advice.

I have started my feng shui study having completed an introduction to the fundamentals of traditional flying stars feng shui.  It covered the basics and opened my eyes to what feng shui is all about.


Tibetan Bell

I ring the bell in various parts of the house several times a week.

Tibetean Bells
Image courtesy of Anne Petersen (cropped)

Gold Coins

I have gold coins in large mason jars filled with salt water and also hanging on red string.

Image courtesy of FreeImages/Jonathan Adrianzen

Lucky Bamboo

I have three sticks of lucky bamboo in large vases filled with water in 3 spots in the house.

Image courtesy of Plinh

Calabash or Gourd

These are special decorative gourds, the ones I have are just plain.  They can also be metal.



Luopan or feng shui compass

Not a remedy, but one of the main tools used by the feng shui master.

Lou Pan / Feng Shui Compass
Image courtesy of Warren R.M. Stuart
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