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For my first blog I’ve used Songs for the Journey Home, beautiful tarot cards created in New Zealand by Dwariko von Sommaruga & Catherine Cook – they just felt right.

Tarot Reading, Songs for the Journey Home
Songs for the Journey Home

I asked for insight into my blog for the next 12 months and pulled three cards.  The first thing I see is blue – so a theme of communication – that fits with a Blog.

Wind Awakening, Songs for the Journey Home
Wind Awakening

In the first card, Wind Awakening, there’s a person turning their back and heading off towards what seems to me, something new in their future.  Like a Knight, with focus and enthusiasm.

2 Wind Songs, Songs for the Journey Home
2 Wind Songs

With the Second Wind Song, there’s a call to balance logic with intuition.  I get a feeling of being given advice to be free to move like the wind and to glide like the seagulls, soaring along the currents – wherever the wind takes me.

Death, Songs for the Journey Home

The third card is Death, a time of change and growth.  I really like this card in this position for this reading.  It gives me comfort, not apprehension, about the outcome, that through writing the blog there will be a transition for me with new opportunities possible.

There’s symmetry between the first and third cards with the triangles, which I see as spirit.  In the first card the spirit is rising, and by the third card, it is met in the middle and balanced by the Second Wind Song, with the spirit falling.  The number two is also repeated in the cards with the birds and trees, reinforcing the reflection and balance the blog can bring me.


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