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Life Lessons

“…How long ’til my soul gets it right

Can any human being ever reach that kind of light

I call on the resting soul of Galileo king of night vision

King of insight…”

Image courtesy of Nino Satria.
Image courtesy of Nino Satria.

I first heard Galileo by the Indigo Girls when I was living in the UK.  I loved one of their CDs and played it over and over for months.   Somewhere along the line I lost the CD and I haven’t thought about it since.  Then, just a few months ago I was putting together a playlist and the image of the CD case came into my mind, I searched for the album online and fell in love with the song Galileo all over again.

The song has inspired me to create a reading on past lives and life lessons.  You can download a copy of the layout to do for yourself.

1.  How did I live in previous lives? – The World – An amazing card.  To have lived in previous lives where I accomplished things, lived life to the full and I trust felt fulfilled, fills me with warmth and a belief that it is possible in this life too.  If I’ve learnt lessons in past lives, then in this, I hope I’ll benefit from them and move forward in other ways.

2.  What fears have I brought into this life? – The Hanged Man – To me the Hanged Man is about surrender, letting things go, looking at things from a different perspective and ‘chilling out’.  Previously when it has come up for me in readings I got the feeling to relax and go with the flow.  I have brought this lesson with me into this life to work on.  When I think about the way I act and who I am, I know that there are times when I’m inflexible or uptight, but really I’d characterise myself as being a relaxed and adaptable person who goes with the flow, but I’m still learning and finding the balance.  In another context the Hanged Man is about having faith that if I let something go, that something equally good, or better, will fill the space.  That by letting go, I can go deep and find peace, who I really am, and what I am all about as a person.

life lessons

life lessons

3. How can I give thanks for lessons already learnt? – 7 Wands – Taking on the challenge, knowing what is right, and taking a stand.  I’m a strong person and a strong personality, but I know there have been times when I have shied away from taking a stand, standing up for what I believe, and having the courage of my convictions.  It’s important that I stand up and take responsibility for owning my values and beliefs.  This is a reminder to give thanks for it and to remember that I shouldn’t shy away from it.

4.  Where do I need to shine light in this life? – 4 Swords – This card is in my 2015 Big Picture reading and I’ve had it several times since in daily readings.  Meditation, reflection, consolidation, rest, rejuvenation.  I see that this is not only a focus for me in 2015 but it’s an important lesson for me in this life.  Over the years I have tried many things to bring mindfulness into my life, to help bring balance and manage the stress levels.  I have practiced tai chi, been on yoga retreats and tried meditation.  With the meditation I have been to classes, even managed a period of several weeks where I meditated daily at home, but it never sticks.  Having both the Hanged Man and 4 of Swords in this reading, reinforces the message that I need to give this more importance and priority in my life, to persevere and not let every day life get in the way.

Image courtesy of Benjamin
Image courtesy of Benjamin

5.  What inspiration can I draw from previous lives? – 6 Pentacles – My first reaction to this card was ‘how does that fit?’.  It’s a difficult image for me to look at – two people begging on their knees and another person standing over them.  The person standing is holding scales, like they’re carefully balancing out the aid they give the other two people when they look to be in need.  I guess that’s the point with this card, how a situation looks on the outside, isn’t always the reality.  The person standing looks to be the one to have it all, but really isn’t that only the case if the two people kneeling allow it to be?  If inside you know much you have that can’t be measured in things, money or status, things of real value, like love, friendship, worth, integrity, then you are the one with riches.  This is amazing valuable inspiration to draw from previous lives.

6.  What will I take with me into future lives? – Knight of Wands – With the Knight I see action, pace and movement with a sense of purpose and confidence, setting out with energy.

Image courtesy of Nicholas Sales.
Image courtesy of Nicholas Sales.

Featured image courtesy of Dimitri C.

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