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Love and Generosity

I was reading an article on the Law of Manifestation.  The part that has stayed with me was about giving.  That if you give of your time, advice, money (or in other words energy, love and generosity), and in the right frame of mind – with love, without expecting it to be returned – then you will allow abundance to flow in your life.

I talked this over with my husband and we realised that we have a friend who demonstrates giving in all aspects of her life, and I suspect without any conscious knowledge of the Law of Manifestation.  She is extremely generous in small ways all of the time.  When I put in my first vegetable bed, she bought a fantastic little scarecrow for me;  when I went gluten free, she lent me cookbooks.  Not only does she give things, but she shares wonderful meals, laughter and knowledge too.

I pulled three cards from the Mythic Tarot deck asking for insight on ways I can live my life with love and generosity.

love and generosity
Mythic Tarot deck. Created by Liz Greene, Tricia Newell, Juliet Sharman-Burke.

1 – The World – I’m drawn to the image in the centre of two parts of the same body.  For me where I am now, it means to bring together opposite parts of my life and work towards the goal of creating one whole.  The two parts to bring together would be the spiritual and practical, intuition and intellect.  Maybe doing this will bring me some harmony.

2 – The Sun – I see this as being about coming out of the shadow of The Moon, getting rid of fear, having hope and faith in myself.  Also to plan and move forward, to find my vision for the future and move towards it with purpose and faith – literally to step into the sunlight.

3 – 7 Swords – When I first turned over this card I wasn’t sure I liked it, but after some reflection I think it’s about using tact and diplomacy, even some cunning maybe.  I do this all the time, so I guess I’ll keep on with it.  Coming out with the blunt honest truth, whilst maybe what I think people really need to hear, sometimes it can be counter-productive and subtlety can be much more effective.

love and generosity
Vision Board. 

One of the things we put on our vision board reflects the theme of this post – to live our life with Love and Generosity – time to make a conscious start.


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