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Making Good Choices

We make choices all day, everyday.  What to eat, drink, wear, what to watch on TV.  There are bigger choices too.  Where to live and work, whether to get married or have children.  But are we making good choices?

Making Good Choices

Over the past few months the choices a Kiwi international cricketer made have been all over the press.  This week he was found guilty of breaching anti-corruption rules, namely match fixing, and was banned from playing cricket for life.  He did an in depth interview revealing all.  To me, it feels like he really wants to own up, apologise, learn from his mistakes and move on.  He spoke of how his bad choices affected him and his family.

My belief is that most of us aren’t going to make choices on this magnitude, or that end up in the pubic arena, but they can still have a very real impact on our lives.

At the moment I’m making some bad choices about what I eat and drink and have been for years.  I consider myself a normal person when it comes to what I eat and drink, but the choices I have made are starting to have an effect on my wellbeing.

Making Good Choices
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I have mentioned in several previous posts that I have gone gluten-free, this was a great choice.  Now I need to make some more good choices about what I eat and drink – and stick to it.

It was parent-teacher interviews this week, and the teacher talked about guiding the children to make good choices.  Until then I hadn’t considered it was a skill that can be learnt or taught.  After thinking about it, I can see how important it really is, that if our children are taught about choices they make in fundamental areas of their life like what they eat and drink, that it will have a profound positive impact on their lives.

Making Good Choices

At work we were offered the opportunity to have some basic blood tests taken.  This is the sort of thing that ordinarily I would not participate in.  This time however, I had started writing this blog and knew I was at a point in my life where I was making change, so I went for it.  It wasn’t pretty, I nearly fainted, but I went way out of my comfort zone and did it.

My results show I have slightly elevated cholesterol levels and my blood pressure is a bit higher than they would like.  I am also over weight (like I didn’t already know that one!).  All this means I have a higher than normal risk of developing heart disease.

If ever there was a time to make a good choice, here it is.

So why am I struggling to make a consistent change to my habits of what I eat and drink?  I do stop for lunch each day now and really make an effort to get out of the office, but having breakfast, drinking more water and minimising caffeine and wine?  That’s not happening with the same consistency.

I guess it’s a habit that I need to break, just like smokers do.  These are habits of a lifetime that I’m talking about here!  I know I am not the first person to face these choices by any stretch of the imagination, but it feels like it!  I’ve been given information on diet and nutrition, and referred to various sources of further information.  I have read it all and understand it, now it’s crunch time to make a good choice and get on with it.

Now, getting more exercise?  That’s for another day!


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