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Mindfulness Retreat

I recenlty wnet on a 1-day mindfulnes retreat.  Since completing my MBSR course I can go several times a year now if I feel drawn to.

It was just what I needed and just as nurturing and centering as the first one I attended.  Fabulous to have a refresher and spend the day with kindred spirits.

Some amazing things captured my imagination…

The grounds were just as calming and tranquil as I remembered them.  I especially loved the vegetable, herb and flower beds and the bee-friendly flowers.

mindfulness retreat - garden

The biggest message for me came through the introduction made by one of the leaders, to allow ourselves to arrive at the venue and the day, to notice things around us, and then let them go so we can fully embrace the silence and the day.

It is a message I’ve taken with me.  I use it when settling into a mediation, and also if I get distracted by a noise or thought in a meditation – ArriveNoticeLet Go.

During one of the walking meditations I got transfixed by the buttercups.

mindfulness retreat - buttercups

At lunchtime I walked over to an area of the grounds I hadn’t been in before, which I found out was a conservation marshland.  The Pukeko, native New Zealand marsh birds, were wonderful and I got to eat lunch with a few that were brave enough to get up close.

mindfulness retreat - pukeko

Butterflies have played a special part in my life recently and they were with me that day.  One sat still long enough for me to fumble for my phone and snap a photo.

mindfulness retreat - butterfly

The trees were majestic.  Magnificent.  I especially liked the star-like seed pods of the sweet gum trees which I had never seen before.

mindfulness retreat - seed pods



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