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Nature vs Nurture

I attended a workshop last week which talked about the way our brain works.  It covered concepts such as nature vs nurture, fight vs flight, left vs right and how it fits with the limbic and neocortex brain.  This sounds quite scientific – it wasn’t.

I haven’t given this sort of thing much thought previously, but it piqued my interest and made me think (sorry!).

nature vs nurture

There are different parts of us as human beings.  Our work vs home personas for instance.  I can be very different at work than at home.  In some respects the true nature of two different parts of me are allowed to have their place and live to their fullest in these different arenas.  My full potential at work doesn’t fit, nor would I want it to, in my home life.  Similarly, the me at home wouldn’t really fit at work.

Is that really true?  Don’t these two parts of me make me who I am, make up the whole?

One is perhaps my true nature (home), and the other the effect of nurture (work).  My persona at work is the result of learning to conform and meet expectations.  Whereas at home I am free to be myself?

nature vs nurture

The workshop talked about research that splits the brain, and the way we think, into four groups.  My profile very clearly indicates my preferences are emotional and intuitive.  No surprise there then.

One of the characteristics of the emotional/feeling aspect put forward by this model is that people that think this way can be musical.  Of course, I hear you say, everyone can be musical, and I agree.  They also say that playing music accesses every part of your brain;  or one supposes all four parts of the brain.

How do you integrate and bring together the different parts of yourself?  Is it as simple as listening to music?

Music has been a huge part of my life.  From playing an instrument, through to needing music to send me to sleep when I’m under pressure.  At other times it has been about buying albums (no comments on my age !) and going to concerts.

Has music made an impact on my life?  Absolutely.

Maybe by bringing all of the parts of your brain together you allow it to go quiet and therefore open up the space for meditation.  Can music help with this if it does access all parts of the brain?

nature vs nurture

I’m working on bringing mediation into my life, establishing a routine and practicing daily.  I’ve had mixed success.  Some weeks are good and I stick to it, and then I slip, and two weeks can go by before I get to it again.

As I mentioned in Sunday Morning Gardening Thyme I am finding that there are moments in my life where I get glimpses of what mediation might be like.  Where perhaps all of the parts of me and my mind are in sync.

Theory – Mediation is the bringing all of the parts of yourself and your brain into sync

I get glimpses of it when I allow myself to turn inward and relax and let my mind go.  Weeding, listening to music, reading, walking on the beach, listening to the rain bouncing on the roof.

As I accept the different parts of me more and integrate them in my everyday life, my feeling is that meditating will become easier and deeper and I’ll catch more than a glimpse of it.

There has been one song that has particularly stuck with me over the past two weeks and in its way given me glimpses of quiet.  Here it is.



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