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New Beginnings

Things have been challenging over the past 12 months as I’ve been unwell.  The great news is that I’m now in full health and on my way on a path of new beginnings.

We’ve been re-evaluating everything in our lives – home, work, finances, travel, family, dreams, the future.

I had a business opportunity come up in my Facebook feed, and before I knew it, I had clicked and was following it up.  I never do that.

It’s completely worked out.  My husband is even onboard and we’re going for it together.

It’s really taking us out of our comfort zone.  We are not natural entrepreneurs.  But when you toss everything up into the air (or have life do that for you), the pieces of the puzzle just don’t fall back down in the same place.  It’s taking courage, but I’m resisting putting them back the way they used to be.

I headed to the cards for a serious reading for the first time in over 12 months to give me confidence we weren’t making a mistake.

I used the beautiful Songs for the Journey Home deck, and a standard 8-card layout [heart of the reading, past, present, future, advice, environment, hopes & fears, outcome].

Don’t you love it when the cards are so clear…

New Beginnings - reading


New Beginnings Reading

The opportunity is a good one.  It will allow us to run our own business, but more importantly to connect with earth, life, love.

I’ve been in a hermit like state for a year now, mainly due to ill-health.  I’ve come out the other side and it’s time to start moving forward.  The quiet, reflective time has given me the chance to look at life differently, and to realise it’s time for something new.

I feel that now I’ve started the search, I was ready for this business opportunity, and open-minded enough to take the leap of faith.

I am now turning my back on all that’s come before and moving forward.

The future looks great.  Like the business can provide us with the key to the Magician’s garden.  The chance to embrace life and everything the world has to offer.

It’s time to no longer stand still.  I’m not on the precipice; this isn’t something to be feared.  The winds of change are here to blow the scarf from my eyes so I can see clearly.

The environment around me is one of new beginnings.  My hopes of getting out of the rat-race, ruled by time, can be realised.

I’ll be standing ‘on top of the world’ with my arms out wide embracing life and the options it’s soon to bring.

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