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New Deck Reading

It’s always fun to buy a new deck and do a new deck reading.

I love buying a new deck and recently bought the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.  An amazingly vivid and beautiful deck by Ciro Marchetti.

When I get a new deck, the first thing I do with it is this new deck reading.  You can download it to do for yourself.  I’ve picked this up from somewhere along the way, apologies for not being able to accredit it.

This is a great reading to do with a new deck to get the feel of what your relationship will be and how you will work together.

new deck reading

1. What will you give to me? – 7 Cups – options, opportunities and choices, imagination, dreams.

2. What will I give to you? – 6 Cups – memories, kindness, enjoying simple things, generosity, joy.

3. What will we create together? – Magic


Have fun with your new deck whatever it might be.


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