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Pivot Point

From time to time, when I’m at a pivot point or cross roads, I do a reading to help me make decisions.

Asking a closed question requiring a yes or no answer is not the best question to pose, nor is a question that starts with ‘should’.  So, to help with decision making I designed the following 3-card spread.  It’s based on a standard Situation, Advice, Outcome spread but I find the slightly amended wording poses the question in a more relevant way for me, and I get a better reading as a result.

When I think of decision making, the suit that comes to mind is Swords, and for me the King, Queen and 2 of Swords in particular.  These cards are from the fantastic Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti.


The layout came to me one day while eating lunch and I originally wrote it down on a serviette from the cafe, but I have now typed it up it so you can download it and do for yourself.

  1. Please give me insight into the situation
  2. Which path/option do you recommend I take?
  3. What is the likely outcome if I go that way?
pointe shoes
Courtesy of Kryziz Bonny

The song that was going through my mind at the time in the cafe was by Fat Boy Slim.  As songs do from time to time, I heard the tune in my head just at random and out of the blue.  The lyrics feel perfect for when you’re at a pivot point and need to make a decision “Right Here, Right Now”.

I’d love to hear how you have used the spread.



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