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Reiki, Ladybirds and Artemis

I’ve done my first ever healing reading and asked the question – How do I restore my hearing?

I have had tinnitus for approx 4 months.  It just happened overnight sometime in April or May, I don’t remember exactly when, but one day it was there and it hasn’t gone away.  Thinking back now it was around the time I decided to write this blog – I wonder if that means anything?

I did a simple three card reading using the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan.  I really like the cards and find they give me a different perspective to tarot cards every now and then.

Healing Reading - Numerology deck

1. Situation – 44 Environment – I felt this was telling me that the tinnitus was a reflection of my  environment.  The book that comes with the cards suggests looking beyond the surface to question whether my personal decisions are in the best interests of the planet.  I feel in the context of my question, it’s saying to question whether my personal decisions are in the best interests of my personal environment and my connection to nature and Mother Earth.

2. Advice – 66 Healing – This felt spot on.  I was being encouraged to have some healing.  The book mentioned many different options, but the one that jumped out at me was Reiki and that perhaps it was time to clear my aura, receive some healing and improve my well-being.

3. Outcome – 48 Financial Discipline – Rather than taking this literally, I saw this as telling me that by taking more care of my environment and well-being, by realising when I need healing and having a more disciplined approach to it, I will live a more abundant life.

Reiki, ladybirds and Artemis
Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann

I’ve since seen ear, nose and throat specialists and the tinnitus isn’t caused by my ears, they believe it is caused by my jaw.  I’m not so sure, and after having my wisdom teeth removed and an MRI, it’s not my jaw either.  I decided to fully investigate the medical options, which I feel I’m doing, but I’m now asking the question if it could be related to something else not explained by medicine?  Something for another time perhaps.

I didn’t know much about Reiki, just that it was something about energy, but it was what jumped out at me from the reading.  I took a day off work and at short notice I rang Lynn Bond a Reiki practitioner recommended to me.  The timing worked and she could see me on the day I had off.

Lynn did a chakra balancing session for me.

Reiki, ladybirds and Artemis
Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann

It was fantastic.  So relaxing and nourishing and I felt so much calmer and in tune.

My throat chakra was quite blocked and this meant I had something I needed to say, but wasn’t able to, or felt I couldn’t.

Lynn advised me that I need to speak my truth.

Amazing.  This was the exact phrase I had come to as my personal life purpose statement.  It’s something I haven’t written about per se yet, but the practice of writing this blog is it in action.

Reiki, ladybirds and Artemis
Image courtesy of Leonardo Marroquin.

We talked for a while and Lynn received some messages from one of my guides – my maternal grandmother – that she and Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, were both with me.  Afterwards I found a wealth of information about Artemis and the bit I identified with was that she can represent help and advice from a sister, female friend, mother etc, and that there is a strong influence of a woman in your life – like my grandmother.

My grandmother said I’m on the right path, that I need to go where my feet take me and Artemis will protect my back while I move forward.  I like how that feels.

Michaela Kobyakov / FreeImages

When driving home, I noticed a ladybird on the inside of my car door window.  I haven’t seen a ladybird in years and one inside my car was so out of context it made me notice.  I’ve since looked up ladybirds and their meaning.  Several websites had some really great information.

Ladybirds can signal that you should not be scared to live your own truth, that you should protect your truth and know that it is yours to honour.  Ladybirds also have a link with mothers (and grandmothers I presume) and are a messenger of promise, reconnecting us with the joy of living.

It was fantastic to have the messages I received through Lynn reinforced like that, giving me a huge sense of wellbeing.



Feature image courtesy of kewl.


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