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Releasing Worry (doubt, resentment or fear)

I’ve been working on releasing worry (doubt, resentment or fear – whatever you want to call it).  I’ve done a lot of work, meditation and readings on it.

I get panic attacks and a huge pressure on my chest and heart.  My stomach processes it too.  Always has, so I use rescue remedy to help my body manage the situation.

Recently things have been moving quickly, with insight coming to me about where it stems from.

I had a break through the other day and developed this layout to help me make sense of it.  I’ve typed it up so you can download and do for yourself.

I laid the cards out like building blocks.  Moving from the issue, to the block, releasing the block, and then on up to action and outcomes.


Releasing Worry - 4 Wave Songs

1.  Where does this worry / doubt / resentment / fear come from?

4 Wave Songs – It’s a period of intense change.  One minute I’m on a high and then I’m brought down low.  These moments can be silly inconsequential things (like having your wing mirror ripped off by a truck charging by!).  The thing is to keep focused, moving forward on the stepping stones, keep balancing, and love it all (irritations and all!).

Releasing Worry - Strength & 6 Wind Songs

2. What is blocking me from releasing it?

Strength – My reluctance to be vulnerable, to relinquish control.  Power even.  I need to commit to learning, health and well-being.  It’s a daily activity that I need to commit to and give thanks for.  My courage will come.

3.  What can help me release it?

6 Wind Songs – I do feel like I’m being squeezed in a vice.  But the birds in the sky tell me to look forward and trust in the future instead.

Releasing Worry - 2 wind songs & wave creating

4.  What is the best next step to take?

2 Wind Songs – Birds again.  Two birds.  Twos can mean balance.  They are calm in the sky, soaring above the ground, where I can leave the fear below.  Time to float with ideas, thoughts, and possible ways forward.

5.  What is the probable outcome based on me taking this step?

Wave Creating – Coming into myself as a mature woman.  Feeling at home with who I am, in my body, who I’m becoming.  Wisely taking time out to replenish so I can be true to myself and stand in my own power.

Releasing Worry - 7 flame songs

I usually check the card underneath the deck and this time it was 7 Flame Songs.  Time to cut the cords that have bound me up, move out of the grey and into the colour.

I hope you try out the layout for yourself and find it useful.


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