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Sending Angels

This week I had a terrible migraine, one of those ones where you retreat to a darkened room and don’t move, and had a beautiful reminder that angels are with us always.

Eventually I surfaced as the headache and nausea receded.  I turned on the radio and a song I hadn’t heard for years came on, Send Me an Angel by Real Life, an 80s Australian band.

I had been thinking of doing a reading and with the song in mind reached for an old, much loved and used Oracle deck – Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue.  It was the first deck of any type that I ever bought and it was obviously the deck I needed at this time as the message came through loud and clear.

I asked for a message from my guardian angel.


Bridgette - sending angels


I used a simple 3 card spread that is in the book that comes with the deck.


3. Message about who is with you – Athena

2. Message from your angel – Bridgette

1.How your angel is helping you – Adriana


I was curious for more information on what aspect of my life the Bridgette card was referring to.  I pulled three more cards.


Isaiah - sending angels


  1. Situation – Isaiah
  2. Advice – Azure
  3. Outcome – Desiree

The descriptions in the book that comes with the deck for all three cards, amongst other things, talk about not rushing, allowing nature to take its course, have patience, have faith, keep surrendering and wait.

So I’m taking from these cards that it’s all aspects of my life, that at the moment I just need to stop pushing and let the angels work in the background.

A nice reminder that we all have angels working for us and all we need to do is talk to them, ask them for support and guidance and they’ll be there, and that sometimes you just need to step aside and let them do their thing.



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