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Where to Now?

I’ve been thinking over the past few days about the future and where I am going.  I want to move my spiritual life forward, do something with it, continue to learn and grow.  Where am I on my spiritual path?

Where to now
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So do I carry on as I have been or change?  Having done some readings, staying the same doesn’t look like the way forward, and nor does it feel right given I’m writing this post.

I’ve completed a tarot diploma and the first module of a feng shui diploma.  Both are now firmly embedded in my life, but I haven’t taken either to the next level.  I don’t read for other people and I haven’t gone on to do further modules of the feng shui diploma.

Where to now
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I’ve opened my eyes, made a commitment to my spiritual life taking tarot and feng shui to a point where I’m educated on what they really are all about, not the stuff you read in magazines.  I can now properly read the cards for myself and have a feng shui routine for the house, however, while both are integrated into my life they are not ‘my life’.

So where do I go from here?

where to now 2

Should I read (2 Wave Songs), meditate (Death), blog about it (The Sun), do yoga (Earth Awakening), or that mindfulness course I’ve been thinking about (Wind Innocence)?

where to now 3

Well, given these cards I definitely need to blog and write about it.  That’s what this post, and the blog as a whole, is all about.  Yoga, reading and meditation look good, with meditation bringing real change and yoga a feeling of being on top of the world (or is that taking the card too literally?).  The mindfulness course looks like it will set the butterfly free, let’s hope it gives me the insight to look at my feng shui study from a different perspective.

Where to now
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So that’s it then… book the course, get my act sorted with a mindfulness/mediation routine.  Simple.  But not really, I’ve always struggled with involving mediation & yoga consistently in my life.

When I think back to my 2015 big picture reading, the card for the March Solstice, 4 Swords, reinforces again this need for me to reflect and restore.  I have also had the 4 of Swords in numerous readings over the past 3-4 months.  It is almost like the universe is yelling at me to get my act together with taking time out to reflect and find a way to incorporate mindfulness/meditation in my life, that without it I won’t move forward with my spiritual life in the way I want to.  I did an absolute beginners introduction to yoga class last month.  It was fabulous and really gave me an insight into how it might be, now I think I really will have to commit to a regular class.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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