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Sunday morning garden thyme

Sunday morning garden thyme is a real treat.  It’s quiet, the family are doing their own thing and the lawn mowers haven’t started.  I’ve found it’s a great time to clear my head of the week’s goings on, get my hands dirty and focus on not very much at all.

Things just pop into my head, it’s almost like meditation, but not quite – mindfulness perhaps.


Sunday morning garden thyme

Last Sunday was one of those days.  Winter is setting in and it was a garden maintenance day – weeding the main activity.  My mind was wandering through two other blogs I really look forward to reading and receiving their new posts, and then suddenly the thought of writing my own blog popped into my head.

I’ve had hints about writing before, mainly through readings.  It just all came together in that instant – writing a blog will get me out taking photos more, it will get me writing, and it’s something that will bring me joy.

Sunday morning garden thyme
Beetroot Speckle Cake

Usually when I come in from the garden, I put the kettle on for coffee and sometimes get going with baking a gluten-free cake.  This time it was beetroot speckle cake – yum – the whole family loved it.

Sunday morning garden thyme is great, look at what can happen.


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