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Tarot Card for the Year

This is how to find your tarot card, and overall focus, for the year.

Your birth day + your birth month + the current year

For example :  3 + 12 + 2016 = 2031 = 6


My tarot card for the year of 2016 is 5.


Faith & Temperance

I’ve looked at the number 5 cards in the decks I use for reference and insight as to what the year will bring for me. Fives are about change, transformation, adventure, struggle, transition, trials and adaption.  So it’s going to be an interesting and eventful year.

In feng shui 5s are a number to be avoided if you can, they are half way between 1 and 9, neither here nor there, an unlucky number if you will.  Of course you can’t avoid a 5 year, it comes round like clockwork every 9 years, so in my view it’s best to understand it and what it will bring so you can embrace it as part of the life cycle.

5 year

The majors, the Hierophant and Temperance, depict the the high-level over-arching themes and the minors (above) the more day to day aspects.

Heirophant & Temperance

The Luminary and Renewal cards (below) are different ways of interpreting 5 and are from the New Zealand deck Songs from the Journey Home.

Luminary & Renewal

Have a go for yourself and see what 2016 has in store for you.

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