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Tarot Challenge – Solstice & Equinox

I’m doing a tarot challenge over on Instagram at the moment.  The last few days have been about the solstice and what surfaced from that, and what’s coming up in the equinox.

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These four cards read well together so here they are as one reading. #thenakedheartchallenge with @lionhearts and @ethony 🍃 Day 21. What has surfaced for me this solstice? Judgement. I’ve made a commitment to my spiritual learning, study and growth recently. It was one of the big things I decided as a result of being unwell and recovering from that. I’ve dealt with some serious karmic issues and it’s deepened my connection to spirit. 🌱 Day 22. What am I moving towards this equinox? Page of Swords. Continued learning and study. Communication. The mind. Messages. ☘️ What am I moving away from this Equinox? 9 Cups. Contentment. I’ve come to know how much I already have and that my life is already abundant. 🌿 Day 23. Why is this natural flow of things in light of my best self? 4 Swords. I’ve done a lot of resting and recuperating over the past year. I guess there’s still more to come. There’s lots going on, but a real need to take time out too. 🍃 I usually check out the card underneath as it can add another dimension to the reading. The Fool. I’m getting this card in virtually every reading at the moment. Also completion cards. So lots of reinforcement that I’m on a new path, which absolutely aligns with this solstice/equinox reading. 🍀 #theseptembertarot #tarotthyme #legacyofthedivinetarot #tarotchallenge

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It’s great to be using the tarot again.

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