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Work-life balance and getting better at it, has been a theme for me for quite some time. I’ve had lots of pointers to focus on it.


It was one of the reasons for returning to New Zealand.  One of the biggest being the inspiration to get help and talk to someone when I could sense that if I wasn’t careful things would get really out of balance again.  That process has brought insight and has made me think about things differently.  Sometimes confronting and challenging, but all from the perspective of finding my equilibrium.


One of the biggest areas of my life that has needed balance is what I eat.  Since returning to New Zealand I’ve gone gluten-free and it’s been amazing.  Symptoms that had become my norm, I now know just weren’t normal – they’ve gone.




One of the biggest things I’ve changed is making time to eat lunch each day and when possible get out of the office.  On Monday on the way out of my favorite place for lunch, there on the wall, large as day, was this picture.  It has always been there, I just hadn’t noticed it before.  Tarot cards are everywhere if you look for them, and there it was – the jumping off point for this post – Temperance.


I came home and wrote a layout on Temperance, which you can also download and do for yourself.  For my reading I used the Morgan Greer deck.


Confidence & Change


1 – What aspects of my life need balancing?  Hanged Man – I’m going literal with this one.  It’s time to go with the flow, stop over analysing things, have belief that all is as it should be.

2 – What action can I take to bring moderation into my life?  Page of Rods – It’s time to end the illusion, it’s time for something new and truthful to emerge.  Communicate and be creative.

3 – What joy will finding my equilibrium bring?  5 Pentacles – That’s me, battle weary and tired.  I need to connect with people and places that bring harmony and equilibrium to my life.


Temperance, Vision Board
Vision Board


When reflecting on this post, I was struck by an aspect of the vision board I did with my husband – my wish for good health and well-being.  It’s amazing to know that I have manifested this journey.

It’s time to be open to new experiences on my journey and to make peace with what I eat and feel great.


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