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Things That Give Me Joy

I’ve been thinking about the things that give me joy

Things like family and friends, cooking and gardening, taking photos and writing this blog, reading, learning new things, achieving things, being good at my job, music, laughter, travel, eating out.  Oh, and good coffee…

I heard this song in a coffee shop recently, it brought back great memories and is giving me joy all over again,

I recently had a mini taster astrology reading with GiGi Sosnoski.  She said I need to keep balance between work and what brings me joy, that it was important for my health, and that I needed to make time for myself.  She suggested I keep a daily dream journal and that I begin to write.  She also mentioned photography and keeping a camera in my bag.

So what gives me joy?

Well, here we are, 6 months later.  I am now writing, and keeping a journal of sorts, through this blog.  I recently got a new phone with a great camera in it.  So yes I have a camera in my bag at all times and I am always snapping pictures of interesting things.

Things that give me joy
Weekend in Sydney – some great moments

Earlier this year we had a great weekend away in Sydney, Australia, which was a chance to relax and indulge in things that bring us joy, the best of which was some time together exploring.  We walked and walked with no particular plan or direction.  We stumbled across a cute small coffee shop with a South American vibe in trendy Surrey Hills.  We were also entertained by some really talented buskers and dancers down by Circular Quay.

Things that give me joy

The garden has lots going on at the moment.  I’m growing potatoes for the first time and have decided to grow them in potato bags.  The strawberries are starting to grow and flower and the peas are going great guns.  Pottering around in my garden brings me immense joy as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.

Things that give me joy

I love the smell of coffee, the taste of coffee and the whole experience of drinking a good cup; and boy do we make a good coffee in New Zealand.  It’s true.  You can’t beat a flat white – joy in a cup.

A new thing that gives me joy is baking gluten-free cakes.  On one hand it’s because store-bought stuff is so expensive and I quite like some cake every now and then.  This was a memorable date and banana loaf from last Sunday.

Things that give me joy


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