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Through the Threshold

Following on from the reflection over the past month on Where to Now, this morning I did a through the threshold reading on the blog.  The layout isn’t one of mine, it’s one I saw on Tarot in a Teacup that came from the Tarot Guild of Aotearoa.

The concept of being on a threshold really fits with how I’m feeling with the blog at the moment.

I’ve been wondering where to now with my blog.  I’ve had it for a year now.  It’s been fun, I’ve learnt things, techie stuff and also things about myself.

I’ve enjoyed it and feel like I’ve grown.  The blog is about the process of writing, it helps me work through stuff, make sense of and put things in order.  It provides me with a creative outlet that I had been missing also.  But do I continue with the blog or not?



1.  Where you are now, the current situation – Strength – Getting the blog to here has taken perseverance.  In some respects I feel quite comfortable with where it is now, what it looks and feels like.  However there’s a question in my mind as to where it is going, where do I want it to go from here?  So far it’s been an outlet for me, my musings and thoughts, a place where I can write and express myself.  It hasn’t mattered whether anyone is reading it or likes it.  Should I change the way I write and approach the blog so more people read it?  It would give me validation, but it is also scary.  So far that stuff hasn’t mattered and I haven’t worried about what people think about it, but if more people find the blog, start reading it, heavens above actually comment on a post, I’ll be in this place where it will matter what they think – or will I?  Gee, that’s going to take some courage all right.

2. What lies on the other side of the gateway, the outcome of the steps 3, 4 & 5 – The Sun – A wonderful card.  So uplifting and energising.  If I work on the issues and get over and through the threshold, it looks like it will all be worth it on the other side.  The inner work I’ve been doing and writing about on the blog will bring a feeling of being at peace, uplifted and warmed.

3. An issue you need to consider or an action you need to take, the mental or thought process you need to explore – The Chariot – I need to stay committed to the path I’ve chosen, through the rough and the smooth.  This card is telling me to not get distracted with all the noise in my head, to keep on track.

4. The influence that lies over the steps you need to take – The Lovers – Through the blog I’m finding out about what matters to me, what my beliefs and values are.  It’s helped me to go deeper and understand things about myself that I wouldn’t have been able to without it, or it would have taken so much longer.  I’m figuring out my own philosophy on my life and where I stand – finding my Tūrangawaewae (see below).

5. Another issue you need to consider or an action you need to take, the physical or action you need to take – 6 Wind Songs – This card sure packs a punch visually of being under pressure.  This is telling me to just float in the wind and go with it, to keep moving forward from a place of trust and positivity, rather than fear.



I always look at the card underneath the deck and see it as a kind of underlying aspect permeating throughout the reading.  The card underneath on this reading was 2 Earth Songs.  From the book that comes with the Songs for the Journey Home deck, the detail for this card really fits.  “New and attractive opportunities present themselves and you are uncertain which way to leap.  It is easiest to bring about transformation in your life when you recognise the trepidation which holds you back.”


Tūrangawaewae is one of the most well-known and powerful Māori concepts. Literally tūranga (standing place), waewae (feet), it is often translated as ‘a place to stand’. Tūrangawaewae are places where we feel especially empowered and connected. They are our foundation, our place in the world, our home.


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