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Train Hard Fight Easy

I had never heard the phrase ‘ Train Hard Fight Easy ‘ before;  until my husband quoted it recently.  It came up in a conversation with our son about working and practising so he becomes better at whatever he is doing.

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It’s a military term that, from what I can see, was coined by a Russian General, Alexander Suvorov, in the 18th century.  The original quote being “What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle”.  I’m not much into military stuff but I can see how the quote makes sense in that context and also in sport, which is what we were talking about as a family.

It got me thinking how it would fit in people’s everyday lives?

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From time to time I do have things going on in my life that feel like a battle.  I wonder if there’s a way to train to prepare for them so they become easier to handle?

I’ve taken these thoughts and developed a spread which looks at the following questions.  You can download the spread to do for yourself.

  1. Where is the fight in my life?
  2. Where did the fight originate?
  3. Where will it go if I leave it unchecked?
  4. How can I train to release the fight?
  5. Where can I get help with my training?
  6. How will things resolve themselves if I apply myself to the training?

Next time I’ve got a situation in my life that feels like a battle, struggle or fight, this might help work it through.


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