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The birds were singing this morning, so much so, it made me stop and listen.  Tranquility right there.

The garden was so still, the birdsong so loud.

Kereru - Wood Pigeon
Image: digitaltrails

There was a Kereru sitting on a branch, plump, round, stately, majestic.

It was time to write, think, listen, be.

Whilst sitting there I observed birds for the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey.  I saw the Kereru, sparrows, blackbirds, an eastern rosella and a whole group of silvereyes picking at the last of the apples off the tree.


It’s the middle of Winter, the garden is virtually dormant, but there are a few signs of things going on – peas, coriander, mint.


An oasis of calm, my calm.

This week I had another experience of calm like this.  The same feeling in a completely different setting – lunch by myself in a new cafe.


The afternoon sun was streaming in through huge bay windows.  There were chandeliers, wooden floors, white walls, gilt mirrors and jazz cafe music.


What were the similarities?  Sun, quiet, music, space.  Tranquility.


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